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This is a requested review of the Louis Vuitton Noe – my favorite LV bag. The Noe was designed in 1932 to hold Champagne bottles. It seemed to reach the height of it’s popularity in the 90′s. It is still part of the permanent collection. It is sold in 3 sizes – mini Noe, Petit Noe and Noe. This Noe is 16 years old. I purchased it pre-loved. The vachetta had mild stains on it, but I cleaned it with Lovin My Bags and I think it looks pretty good. This 16 year old Noe is a perfect example of the quality and craftsmanship LV used to be known for. Compare this 16 year old Noe to a brand new Noe. See QueenKattz’s review on the LV Noe: www.youtube.com I highly recommend this bag. It is a fantastic casual bag. They can be easily found pre-loved or purchase brand new from LV.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. bjtaylor02 says:

    Yes, the base of the noe is structured. Some people do complain about bumping into things because the base is structured. I have never bumped into anything :)

  2. Van Nguyen says:

    Hi, can you please tell me it the base of the noe is as structure and stiff as the base of the bucket?

  3. bjtaylor02 says:

    I have purchased from BBOS (they tend to be a little pricey), Malleries. I have also purchased from Fashionphile and have been very satisfied. Yoogi’s is also a reseller that I watch and their prices are pretty good. I would still get items authenticated.

  4. nowfaith0675 says:

    Hi, I am a lover of lv. I got my first two items from the LV store in Palo Alto, Ca. However, there are some items that are older and discontinued that I may want to buy preloved can you recommend some authentic LV reseller sites that are reputable

  5. greystonesable says:

    Thanks for that! Another thing to watch for although I do think Ebay has cleaned up its act from the days when it was awash with fakes! Ive just won a super black epi leather zippy purse and lusac bag in the same epi leather.

  6. bjtaylor02 says:

    There are alot of fake Noe on ebay. Interestingly, the fakes have a patina on them. One of the things I look for is the green residue around the brass grommets and rivets. I saw a video by an LV collector who commented on “Super fakes” out of Japan, where they patina the leather and age the brass. He commented on the chemicals leaving a green residue.

  7. greystonesable says:

    I LOVE such detailed videos — I know its a bit beyond but I really wanted to see all the interior details to check an item on Ebay – I now think the Ebay was a fake so many thanks for this!!

  8. Jolene DiB says:

    Hello, I just received this exact same bag!!!!! I got it pre loved on E-bay. I love it, and mine was made in 1996 also. It is in beautiful condition too. I want to clean it the way you did. Thanks for making this video, I really enjoyed it :)

  9. expeditin says:

    WOW, beautiful bag and nice cleaning work!!

  10. bjtaylor02 says:

    The Neo is AMAZING! Everytime I carry it, it makes me smile. Sounds ridiculous that a bag can make you smile, but it does. 

  11. matthewlikesLV says:

    Great to hear! I found an amazing keepall on eBay with a few minor stains…keeping an eye on this one ;) I LOVE dark patina on monogram pieces – it really does show character and the quality of LV. The vintage look is also fabulous. How is your beautiful neo holding up?

  12. bjtaylor02 says:

    I cleaned it once, then waited a few days then cleaned it again. Then I started using it and cleaned it one more time a couple of weeks later. Since that, I haven’t cleaned it again. For me, I think it looks great! The patina is probably alot darker than most people would like, but to me, that just shows that this is a vintage piece and it is a great example of the quality that used to be LV. Still my FAV!

  13. matthewlikesLV says:

    With your cleaning process with this bag – would you just go through the cleaning process once a day or once every few days? You did such a great job with this bag :)

  14. bjtaylor02 says:

    I bought mine at the Michael Kors store. Looks like they are sold out :(

  15. TheBobster92 says:

    I love all of your bags! I do have a question about where you got your Michael Kors pencil case! I’m interested in getting one but cannot find them anywhere!

  16. bjtaylor02 says:

    Not sure about the French company Noe. But, in general I think no.

  17. lserita1 says:

    has this bag ever had an inside pocket?

  18. bjtaylor02 says:

    I know this one does and it is vintage and the new ones do.

  19. lonc19 says:

    hi, do all LV Noe have a d ring inside?

  20. bjtaylor02 says:

    If you got it preloved with well developed patina, then probably yes. I wouldn’t do it with brand new vachetta.

  21. bjtaylor02 says:

    Not at all. In fact, once the patina has set in, I don’t worry about it at all. I don’t care if it is raining when I carry this bag. It is so low maintenance for me.

  22. hannah deluv says:

    Do you still find it to be high maintainance even now that the patina set it?

  23. hannah deluv says:

    Sorry, miss- type earlier. I love this bag! Im wondering if i’ll be able to use it in the winter though? I live in finland and with all the snow and rein that we get i think that vachetta will get ruined.

  24. hannah deluv says:

    Hi! I love this bah

  25. krayzmango says:

    where do you find your pre-loved bags?

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